Develop and Maintain Halal File



This course by Warees Halal Limited (WHL) is designed to provide foundational knowledge for individuals working in the Halal-certified establishments to develop a Halal File. At the end of the course, learners will improve their understanding of maintaining a Halal file in compliance with Muis Halal Certification Conditions.

Learning Objectives
  • List the documents required to be included in the Halal File
  • Develop a skeleton structure of Halal File that will be in compliance with the MUIS Halal Certification Conditions
  • List the best practices in maintaining a Halal File
  • Plan a Halal File maintenance schedule
The course is designed for:
  • Supervisors or Managers who are responsible for maintaining a Halal file
  • Those who work in Halal-certified establishments and would like to gain a better understanding of the Halal file requirements
To receive a Certification of Completion, you will complete all the actions of each session.
    WHL is providing this course to the best of its ability, knowledge and experience. We strive to present the information in a simple to understand format. We are not responsible for the outcome of application for any Halal certification. Applicants should be aware that Muis may update their requirements after the publication of the course materials and are strongly encouraged to visit Muis website at or for updates.
    No person shall copy, modify, alter, sell, transfer, rent, license, publish distribute or disseminate any content in this course. All copyright and other rights in the content of this course belong to WHL, and nothing herein confers on any person any right or interest in the content.
Version Control Record
    V1 (011014): First release
    V2 (010517): First release of Learner’s Guide
    V3 (010818): Revision to curriculum- Addition of File Management session
    V4 (040419): Revision to curriculum. First release of online version